Trouble falling asleep at night? Ever find yourself lying in the bed for hours? Sleep is an incredibly important and enjoyable part of the day but something which most people have trouble with from time to time. There are ways in which we can make the our bedtime experience more comfortable and the following are a selection of ideas to help in falling asleep fast.

Preparation – Get into the habit of a routine by going to bed at the same time each night. Relax your mind and body by having a long hot shower. Begin the process of getting ready for a bed 2 or 3 hours prior by avoiding any energy stimulating activities.

Comfortable Bed – Paramount to sleeping is your comfort so the purchase of a good quality mattress is invaluable. Select the right amount of blankets until your body is perfectly comfortable. It is important not to be too hot or cold. Make sure your bed is always clean and tidy.

Position – Your sleeping position should be free from any discomforts. Make sure that legs are in a relaxed position and prevent unnecessary weight on your arms. Choose comfortable clothing that will not limit your bodys movement. By all means sleep naked if needs be.

Read a Book – Choose a fairytale or fictional story as opposed to a thriller. This will allow the mind to be at ease. Reading will focus your concentration on one topic and therefore prevent you from going over any other things which you may currently have on your mind.

Avoid Thinking Too Much – Block out all unwanted and negative thoughts from your mind. A good way to do this is by singing to yourself a song of your liking. The invention or imagination of a story can also help to direct the mind in the direction of sleep.

A good nights sleep is priceless and actually falling asleep fast can be a somewhat joyous occasion. By using this selection of simple tricks you will be on the right track to a future of peaceful nights.