Every year, there are heaps of different diseases being discovered and classified. There seems to be no end to the illnesses that can bring harm to our lives. Yet humans continue to carry on, increasing our life span year after year. We humans really are a marvel of engineering.

There is one condition that untold hundreds of thousands, if not millions suffer from unknowingly. And this can lead to many other risky and dangerous conditions that can easily damage health if this condition persists. This condition I speak of is sleep apnea.

Untold thousands, if not millions suffer from this illness. Many of them are not even aware of its existence, let alone if they are suffering from it. The reason for this is obvious. It happens only at night, and even if it wakes us up, we dont usually remember it the next day.

What is the best way to detect these apnea symptoms, so you and your doctor will have a fighting chance? Knowledge is power. Apnea, by definition is any time you stop breathing momentarily while sleeping. If you snore, this will be obvious to an observer. You will suddenly be quiet, and then start snoring again. If you have spouse or partner you can check with, this would be a great help.

During the day the symptoms can be just as hard. Headaches, drowsiness, inability to concentrate are symptoms, but these are usually thought to be because of something else. If you start to feel tired when you are bored, despite having gotten a full nights sleep, this is a good indication of sleep apnea.

The best plan would be to gather as much information and evidence as you can, and present them to your doctor. If you can record yourself, or have somebody make a recording of you while you are sleeping, that would be great.